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January 23, 2013

I watched a brief video on that produced many reactions from me. My first reaction was disgust coupled with anger. In the video, the CEO of Lever Style is interviewed and states that he is moving manufacturing of their products from China to places like India, Cambodia and Vietnam because the increased wages in China have made it more expensive for his company to produce their products in China.

After my initial reaction, my next thought was surprise. This was the very first time since I started my crusade that I was not happy to hear a company’s manufacturing was being moved from China. Lastly, I thought this CEO has the right to save money and create more profit for his company yet we as consumers also have the right to never purchase any of his company’s products.

This is not to say I think this CEO is a terrible person. For all I know he could be a giving person, a wonderful father, brother or son but his business model is not one I choose to support. He clearly values profit over providing decent wages for his workers. Whereas many companies are creating terrific good will by returning their manufacturing from China to the US, he is going one step ahead in the opposite direction. He is moving production of his products from China, a country where workers are poorly paid to countries where workers are paid even worse. He does not value his workers enough to pay them well and certainly has no desire for American workers. Very well, I never had interest or desire for any of his products and I probably never will.

Check out the interview here:

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