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A change in the Made in the USA tide

November 16, 2012

Nice to see such a change in the tide!!

“Made in USA” label popular in China, too: study

November 14, 2012|Nick Zieminski | Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – “Made in USA” seems to resonate well beyond the USA.

Consumers in China are willing to pay a premium for certain products labeled “Made in USA” because they see them as more durable and of higher quality, a new study found.

The report, by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), found 61 percent of Chinese consumers would pay more for a product made in the United States. When products are of similar price or quality, about 47 percent prefer the U.S.-made alternative, more than double the number who would pick the Chinese-made item.

“The Chinese consumer is quietly concerned about what they’re getting,” said Hal Sirkin, a BCG senior partner and co-author of the BCG study.

Consumers are responding to recent cases of lead paint in toys, tainted milk and other scandals that, in some cases, led to severe penalties for those responsible. As more Chinese enter the middle class, they will increasingly look for value in the goods they buy rather than just the lowest price, which will pressure Chinese manufacturers to improve quality, Sirkin said.

Chinese consumers’ preference for U.S. goods, of course, is not as strong as U.S. consumers’, and its causes are different: Chinese shoppers more often cite durability and environmental impact than do shoppers in the United States.


My Letter to Banana Republic

October 19, 2012

Dear Banana Republic,

I am writing because I once was your most ardent and loyal fan. I loved your stylish, classy, well fitted clothing for many years. I stopped shopping at your stores in 2008. The quality of your clothes had deteriorated to such a point that it made no sense to buy them anymore. I believe this drop in quality coincided with your company’s manufacturing switching from the US to China. I implore you to please consider following the trend of other companies and return your manufacturing back to the United States. My reasons are not political. Although Made in USA has regained popularity and is on the lips of our politicians, the best reason to make your clothes in the US again is to reinstate the excellent quality your clothes were once known for. I will never shop in your stores again unless you resume making your clothes in the US again. Although I still find the designs and styles of your clothes quite attractive, it just is not the worth the money if the clothes fall apart within weeks of buying them. I hope you reconsider your stance.


Your former #1 fan

The first of many

September 26, 2012

In continuing with yesterday’s theme, here is my very first complaint posting for a company whose clothes are all foreign made. I chose as my first victim Liz Claiborne, a once great company. The company’s unsurpassed quality was evident when their clothes and accessories were all MIUSA. In recent years the company has made all their products outside the US and the quality of the products suffered as a result. I hope this changes soon. Here is what hopefully Liz Claiborne executives woke up to this morning on several different complaint websites:

Dear Liz Claiborne Executive Team,
May I suggest that all the recent complaints about your company’s once great products are due to one reason? The products are no longer made here in the US. Hence, the poor quality. I beseech you to consider producing your products again here in the US. Your customers will come back in droves and you will establish your company as a beacon of Made in USA value and quality. Liz Claiborne was once a huge success, a Wall Street darling and a Fortune 500 company before its recent financial troubles. The company can be a huge success again if the clothes and accessories are again made in the USA. It is a simple solution to a seemingly complicated problem. It is not. Sometimes, the solutions to our problems really are that simple. I thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.

My closet

June 6, 2012

I thought it would be fun to show you all my expanding wardrobe of Made In USA clothes. I’m lucky enough to have an enormous walk in closet to fill all these beautiful clothes. My goal is to pack my closet wall to wall with MIUSA clothing, I hope that day is not too far off!

Here’s how I’m doing so far:

Some of these pieces have been with me for years, others are recently bought. All are gorgeous, super high quality and affordable items.

I love this top, its super versatile. I’ve worn it with a hot pink skirt, jeans, white pants, black pants, shorts, leggings. The rich colors in the floral design of the top can be matched with pants of the same color. The top can be dressed up or dressed down, great centerpiece to many gorgeous outfits!

I remember flipping through a Cosmopolitan magazine in the 80’s and seeing a sequined top nearly identical to this one for $700. It amazes me that I was able to find a twin of the gorgeous top I was enamored of in the 80’s for just under $10 all these years later.

I just realized it would be a great idea to include the names of the patriotic designers and fashion houses that produce such gorgeous MIUSA outifts. So, here goes! The last few outfits were designed by Strawberry (sequined purple tank), and WallpapHer (floral design top). This gorgeous leopard print top is by Carol Rose. Despite its wild animal design, this top can be used in a variety of outfits and paired with flowing summery skirts, jeans, shorts, and leggings in black, yellow, white or gold colors.

This beautiful blouse looks like a super hero’s costume hung up but when worn, it is soft, feminine and very versatile. It is by Arden B. I bought it back in 2009 and as you can see still looks brand spanking new!!

I paid just under $10 for this gorgeous baby doll style dress last year. It is of such a high quality that although I have worn it many times, it has never wrinkled or creased and the colors are as vibrant as the day I bought it. Indeed, I have crumpled the fabric in my hand to test the quality and once released, the dress was so perfectly wrinkle free it was as if it had never been crumpled!

A master

March 27, 2012

This week, I was lucky enough to be coached by one of our company’s top salespeople. He is a 20 year veteran with our company and is extremely successful. The key to his remarkable success is his logical yet extremely outside of the box thinking. For example, when he calls a prospective client who has already been called by our company but did not buy, he approaches very differently than most salespeople.

Prospective client: I have been called by your company before, I am not interested right now, try me again in 6 months.

Most sales people: How come you decided not to do it?

Prospective client: I don’t have time for this, thanks for keeping us in mind, call us again in 6 months. Click.

This approach hardly ever works.

An outside of the box approach works much better:

Prospective client: I have been called by your company before, I am not interested right now, try me again in 6 months.

Master Salesperson: Great! Which size ad did you do? (enthusiastic and energetic tone)

Prospective client (confused and wonders if they lost out on a great opportunity): Uhh, I didn’t do an ad.

Master Salesperson: Really? I’m surprised to hear that , I thought it would be a perfect fit for these reasons…..

The master salesperson always thinks outside the box.  They do things differently than their peers and that is why they are unforgettable and riveting to their prospects and clients.

In a similar vein, a company that demonstrates a masterful command of creating unique and high quality clothing can make their company unforgettable to their customers by making all their clothes here in the US.  Only in our great country, can top quality clothing be created and expected.  An item of clothing made in the USA is unlike any other.  Of my own collection of MIUSA clothing, most of these timeless pieces are going on their 15th or 16th year since purchase and still look outstanding.

With the majority of world famous designers and fashion houses manufacturing their clothes out of the USA, by keeping their clothes made in the USA, a great clothing company can distinguish themselves from their peers much as the master salesperson is easily distinguised from his own peers.  Perhaps one of the world famous fashion houses will be the first to recognize this and relocate their manufacturing to the states.  By doing so, they will be distinguishing themselves as a master company of style, taste and unsurpassed quality. Which company will be up for that? Only time will tell.  Until next time!!