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Not Made in USA: Abercrombie and Fitch: worst offender of them all

November 6, 2012

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. After reviewing a few companies whose clothing are all foreign made, I decided on the worst offender of them all to send a complaint email to. An executive at Abercrombie and Fitch will receive the following in their inbox tomorrow.

Dear Abercrombie and Fitch executive,

Over the past 10 years, I have read countless reports of your company’s extremely unethical business practices. The charge that your company forced migrant workers to make clothes in a foreign country under slave like conditions is horrendous and anti humanitarian. ( I do believe in second chances and giving one a chance to defend themselves. However, given the vast amount of public documents substantiating all of your company’s anti humane practices, I believe any defense counter argument does not have legs to stand on. You are however welcome to make one and I will of course listen with an open mind. However, one of the best ways in which your company can wash away the stain of your company’s poor PR and which will guarantee quality and earn many happy consumers is to stop making foreign made clothes and instead switch to making all of your clothes in the USA. This step would go a longer way to creating a good name for your company than another cheaply made semi pornographic ad showing underage and uncomfortable looking models. I hope you consider this positive step for your company.


Made in USA Fan


The first of many

September 26, 2012

In continuing with yesterday’s theme, here is my very first complaint posting for a company whose clothes are all foreign made. I chose as my first victim Liz Claiborne, a once great company. The company’s unsurpassed quality was evident when their clothes and accessories were all MIUSA. In recent years the company has made all their products outside the US and the quality of the products suffered as a result. I hope this changes soon. Here is what hopefully Liz Claiborne executives woke up to this morning on several different complaint websites:

Dear Liz Claiborne Executive Team,
May I suggest that all the recent complaints about your company’s once great products are due to one reason? The products are no longer made here in the US. Hence, the poor quality. I beseech you to consider producing your products again here in the US. Your customers will come back in droves and you will establish your company as a beacon of Made in USA value and quality. Liz Claiborne was once a huge success, a Wall Street darling and a Fortune 500 company before its recent financial troubles. The company can be a huge success again if the clothes and accessories are again made in the USA. It is a simple solution to a seemingly complicated problem. It is not. Sometimes, the solutions to our problems really are that simple. I thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.

Liz Claiborne complaints

September 25, 2012

I decided to send my first letter of complaint to Liz Claiborne. I could not find an email address for them but I did find a site listing numerous complaints regarding their products. I posted my complaint on there. Given that most of the complaints regarded the poor quality of the products, I suspect the issues come down to the products being foreign made. I will post my letter tomorrow. In the meantime, here are all the complaints Liz Claiborne products have received recently:

9/11/12 When I discovered Liz Claiborn Amanda jeans, I loved them because of the way they fit. I do not have big legs nor hips, and they fit quite nicely. Recently I bought a pair, and the legs look like “riding pants”. I took them back to the store where I had purchased them, and sales person had me trying on numerous pairs. They were all horrible. We checked to see if they were still made in the same place, and found that they are NOT! I would like to know if this will change in the near future or not at all. I will not purchase any more until this is corrected—-if ever. Could you please let me know soon.


I just bought the Signature II luggage and my front spinner wheel broke off during an airplane flight, how can I fix this? It was the first time it’s ever been used. Thanks


I use to love your jeans, all I would wear, but I do not like the new style. It stretches way to much, tight when I put them on, falling off by the end of the day. How can I get the old style?


I bought a liz claiborne purse at Pennys a week ago , the latch broke what do I do?


Hello, I’m hoping for some assistance in finding a specific Liz Claiborne shoe. I purchased the Afton flat with the bow weave in black and bronze. I’ve worn them out and would love to order two new pairs, but can’t find them anywhere! Can you tell me where I can purchase more, please? I love this shoe!


I bought a pair of red flex mule shoes and the black dye inside of the shoe came off on my feet. It has been three days and I still can’t get the dye off my feet no matter what I wash them with. The inside of the shoes fell all apart. I am very disappointed inthe quality of the shoe. I was always under the impression that Liz Claiborne was a good brand.I would like some feed back or refund. thank you
Eileen Glines


One of the wheels fell of my black licorice luggage how can i get a new one.perfect size for me HELP!!!!!!


I have a Liz Claiborne black long sleeve round neck cotton top and would like to purchase another one. The only information I could get off the top is as follows: 97% cotton/ 3% spandex (medium top) Made in Jordan WDMUB244 R027 Can you advise me as to where I can purchase another one just like it?


hello i only wear bora bora for men and the last bottle i got was just like water what department store sells it i dont trust the internet or can you give me liz claiboren custmer service phone # please


I had bought a bottle of curve crush cologne for men and i have use about 1/4 of it and now the spray shoots a straight shot instead of a mist. I have tried running hot water over it and everything. Is there any way I could get sent a new bottle?


we have a LIZ Claiborne large luggage and the wheel broke after the third use, seems to be the same problem for alot of other people, will never buy another one again, pure garbage


I have the Liz Claiborne Signature II Spinner Upright. One wheel is damaged and I need a replacement. I can replace it if I have the part. The part number is STWQ87. Please help and send me info via internet.

Closet cleaning

August 17, 2012

I started cleaning through my apartment today. It is always a chore I put off for as long as I can until the mess has accumulated to a point where something needs to be done about it. The hardest part is dealing with any clothes I may have ruined with my carelessness. I have cleaned through my closets and found long missing shirts and blouses that were stepped on, crumpled, or covered in dust and dirt which I thought were beyond repair. I have minimized my suffering over the loss of these clothes by simply looking at the labels and acting accordingly. If I see the item is a MIUSA item, I breathe a sign of relief and simply throw it in the washer knowing it will look brand new once it is washed and dried. However, if the label reads that the item was foreign made, (I still have a small handful of foreign made clothes I bought before my commitment to only buying and wearing MIUSA clothing) I simply throw it out without regret. I do this because I know based on countless previous experiences that if the item is foreign made, it will not be rescued as it will be damaged beyond repair as an effect of the inferior quality of the item.

So I shed no tears over these items and remind myself one more benefit of only buying and wearing MIUSA clothes: I never need to become an overly obsessive neat freak. I can hang onto my pattern of accumulating a small mess as an effect of living such a rich and fulfilling life that I have almost no time for chores. Of course, during the first few weeks after a thorough cleaning, I am careful to hang my clothes and keep my room and closet neat before the messes start again. Knowing that most of my clothes are now all made in our great country gives me the peace of mind and freedom that no matter how busy I get and my clothes suffer due to my neglect, I can simply throw them in the wash and they look as great as when I first bought them.

Although I recognize I have a responsibility to care for my clothes, its great to know that my sometimes lackadaisical attitude towards keeping my clothes neat and well cared will not result in ruined clothes as long as they carry the MIUSA label.