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Happy New Year!!!

January 18, 2013

Happy new year!! I know its a bit late but I am just coming off of vacation mode. I had the most wonderful Christmas ever and spent time with terrific friends. My experiences with them reminded me of the wonderful joys of building community. With this new year, I hope to see more communities as passionate about Made in USA as I am. I hope these passionate communities bring about massive change in the fashion industry which will trickle down to all other companies that currently outsource their labor.

There are many glimmers of hope. Just today, Yahoo news showcased a great article on large companies that still manufacture their goods in the US. The article ended with the news that several companies including Apple are looking to move many of their manufacturing out of China and back to the USA. Here is a link to the article:–gadgets-built-in-our-own-backyard-000139373.html

Nice to see more companies are turning the tide!!


The Beauty of Community

September 6, 2012

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about community and what it means to me. My exploration came about after several wonderful community building events I was part of last week. First, I was part of a community caring for my wonderful sister’s cat. This small group included two of her close friends, myself and whoever had spare time to come by and check on her cat while she was on vacation in Lake George. It was a joy and small privilege to care for this precious feline as she embodies all the traits I love and admire about my amazing sister. She is the most loving, affectionate, playful and joyful cat I have ever experienced. She like my sister, truly loves people and showers them with care and attention. Small wonder then how deeply I loved this cat after only knowing her a few hours.

Next, I took a 4 hour road trip with 5 terrific girlfriends and one wonderful guy. I only knew one of these friends well so I was eager to hear the stories, struggles and triumphs of the others. We were all so eager to experience each others stories that we took turns switching seats to converse with a new seat mate. One of these magnificent women is a young high-powered financial executive who is enrolled full-time at the prestigious Fashion Institute of NYC. She is also pursuing her dream of designing, manufacturing and selling custom-made luxury bags. Although she is sacrificing free time for a relationship or seeing friends more, she joyfully makes this trade to pursue her dream while still retaining the means to her luxurious lifestyle with her fulltime Wall Street job. I don’t know how she does it. I left the car ride in awe and deep admiration of this remarkable young woman. Another friend overcame his immense shyness by investing in personal growth courses, quitting his job and creating his own business consulting practice. Given that he has a Harvard MBA, he is successfully marketing himself as an Ivy League level business consultant.

Later when we got to our destination at beautiful Lake George in the majestic Adirondacks, I heard and experienced more stories from other dear friends. I saw my friend Emiliano for the first time since 2009. He works tirelessly to combat the horrendous violence in his home state of Mexico using non violent peaceful protest and community building activities. I also saw my magnificent friend Sara who unbeknownst to her, inspired my committment to MIUSA clothing a few years ago when she vowed to never wear any clothing made in China as a silent protest against the Chinese government’s treatment of one of our mutual heroes: her amazing friend His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Her committment deeply inspired my own committment to buy and wear only MIUSA clothing as I wrote about in a previous post. It’s always amazing to me how you never know which words or interactions you have with others can move and inspire them and alter the course of their life. I encourage you to read more about my amazing friend and her sister’s endeavors in building humanity, ethical communities and striving to uphold love and compassion over worldly pursuits:

Lastly, I have been experiencing many online communities of young women who love fashion as much as I do. Its been a thrill experiencing my value for fashion, great outfits and MIUSA clothing with a bunch of new friends who share this value. I look forward to getting to know more members of this community and be moved and inspired by their forays into fashion. Community is a beautiful thing!!