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Happy New Year!!!

January 18, 2013

Happy new year!! I know its a bit late but I am just coming off of vacation mode. I had the most wonderful Christmas ever and spent time with terrific friends. My experiences with them reminded me of the wonderful joys of building community. With this new year, I hope to see more communities as passionate about Made in USA as I am. I hope these passionate communities bring about massive change in the fashion industry which will trickle down to all other companies that currently outsource their labor.

There are many glimmers of hope. Just today, Yahoo news showcased a great article on large companies that still manufacture their goods in the US. The article ended with the news that several companies including Apple are looking to move many of their manufacturing out of China and back to the USA. Here is a link to the article:–gadgets-built-in-our-own-backyard-000139373.html

Nice to see more companies are turning the tide!!