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January 23, 2013

I watched a brief video on that produced many reactions from me. My first reaction was disgust coupled with anger. In the video, the CEO of Lever Style is interviewed and states that he is moving manufacturing of their products from China to places like India, Cambodia and Vietnam because the increased wages in China have made it more expensive for his company to produce their products in China.

After my initial reaction, my next thought was surprise. This was the very first time since I started my crusade that I was not happy to hear a company’s manufacturing was being moved from China. Lastly, I thought this CEO has the right to save money and create more profit for his company yet we as consumers also have the right to never purchase any of his company’s products.

This is not to say I think this CEO is a terrible person. For all I know he could be a giving person, a wonderful father, brother or son but his business model is not one I choose to support. He clearly values profit over providing decent wages for his workers. Whereas many companies are creating terrific good will by returning their manufacturing from China to the US, he is going one step ahead in the opposite direction. He is moving production of his products from China, a country where workers are poorly paid to countries where workers are paid even worse. He does not value his workers enough to pay them well and certainly has no desire for American workers. Very well, I never had interest or desire for any of his products and I probably never will.

Check out the interview here:

Let me know what you think!


Happy New Year!!!

January 18, 2013

Happy new year!! I know its a bit late but I am just coming off of vacation mode. I had the most wonderful Christmas ever and spent time with terrific friends. My experiences with them reminded me of the wonderful joys of building community. With this new year, I hope to see more communities as passionate about Made in USA as I am. I hope these passionate communities bring about massive change in the fashion industry which will trickle down to all other companies that currently outsource their labor.

There are many glimmers of hope. Just today, Yahoo news showcased a great article on large companies that still manufacture their goods in the US. The article ended with the news that several companies including Apple are looking to move many of their manufacturing out of China and back to the USA. Here is a link to the article:–gadgets-built-in-our-own-backyard-000139373.html

Nice to see more companies are turning the tide!!

A change in the Made in the USA tide

November 16, 2012

Nice to see such a change in the tide!!

“Made in USA” label popular in China, too: study

November 14, 2012|Nick Zieminski | Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – “Made in USA” seems to resonate well beyond the USA.

Consumers in China are willing to pay a premium for certain products labeled “Made in USA” because they see them as more durable and of higher quality, a new study found.

The report, by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), found 61 percent of Chinese consumers would pay more for a product made in the United States. When products are of similar price or quality, about 47 percent prefer the U.S.-made alternative, more than double the number who would pick the Chinese-made item.

“The Chinese consumer is quietly concerned about what they’re getting,” said Hal Sirkin, a BCG senior partner and co-author of the BCG study.

Consumers are responding to recent cases of lead paint in toys, tainted milk and other scandals that, in some cases, led to severe penalties for those responsible. As more Chinese enter the middle class, they will increasingly look for value in the goods they buy rather than just the lowest price, which will pressure Chinese manufacturers to improve quality, Sirkin said.

Chinese consumers’ preference for U.S. goods, of course, is not as strong as U.S. consumers’, and its causes are different: Chinese shoppers more often cite durability and environmental impact than do shoppers in the United States.

My Letter to Banana Republic

October 19, 2012

Dear Banana Republic,

I am writing because I once was your most ardent and loyal fan. I loved your stylish, classy, well fitted clothing for many years. I stopped shopping at your stores in 2008. The quality of your clothes had deteriorated to such a point that it made no sense to buy them anymore. I believe this drop in quality coincided with your company’s manufacturing switching from the US to China. I implore you to please consider following the trend of other companies and return your manufacturing back to the United States. My reasons are not political. Although Made in USA has regained popularity and is on the lips of our politicians, the best reason to make your clothes in the US again is to reinstate the excellent quality your clothes were once known for. I will never shop in your stores again unless you resume making your clothes in the US again. Although I still find the designs and styles of your clothes quite attractive, it just is not the worth the money if the clothes fall apart within weeks of buying them. I hope you reconsider your stance.


Your former #1 fan

Ralph Lauren backlash

July 15, 2012

I was delighted this week to see how much coverage and subsequent backlash, Ralph Lauren received this week for creating Olympic uniforms for the USA team in China. Whereas in the past, this news would have been barely registered., Americans nationwide were outraged and demanded Ralph Lauren to correct their actions. As a result of all the attention, Ralph Lauren issued a statement that the Olylmpic uniforms used for the USA team in 2014 will all be made in America. This is a huge victory and shows how voices united in a common goal can produce massive change. I feel the day that Ralph Lauren and other successful clothing companies commit to making all their clothes in the USA is very near. I can hardly wait!