Oscar Pistorius and consequences

The case against Oscar Pistorius for the murder of his beautiful girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has riveted me and countless others. A beautiful and by all accounts joyful, spirited and educated model is found murdered by her famous boyfriend who claims he mistook her for an intruder is the kind of story the public cannot get enough of. As I thought about what makes this case so gripping, many factors came into mind. Chief among them is the growing awareness that violence against women has reached a breaking point and must be stopped. Many women are committed to do what they can to break the cycle of violence towards our gender. I was inspired as well as in awe when I received a flyer about a world wide event in which over a billion women were expected to participate worldwide to bring awareness to violence against women. This demonstrated to me how important this issue has become to women all over the world. The subject of violence against women is something that has the ability to unite hundreds of millions of women who share different values, beliefs, religions, customs and cultures. Women care so deeply about this that they are willing to transcend any differences among them to make a difference.

Although I am deeply encouraged by the resurgent popularity of Made in USA, I wonder at what point, those committed to the movement are willing to work to see their vision through. I worry that complacency and other pressing issues of the day including our poor economy will compete with the importance of firmly establishing Made in USA products as a permanent fixture in our culture. The growing commitment of women to fight violence against them is so important because the consequences of not doing anything have become so grave that it is no longer an option. Women are dying and need to fight back by creating awareness and educating others as to the warning signs of potential aggressors. I’m not sure that level of consequence has been reached yet with the plight of Made in USA products. Although Apple and many other companies are returning to American manufacturing, many times it seems as a measure for good will more so than as an issue so pressing and desperate it must be dealt with. The good will is a wonderful start and I do applaud the companies who are bringing their plants back to the USA. However, until my vision of all products (especially clothing) being made in the USA is met, there will still be lots of work to be done and consequences that must be had to avoid complacency. It is no longer an option. We need to bring back Made in USA in every state, county and city now. We can no longer afford to wait.


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One Response to “Oscar Pistorius and consequences”

  1. clothingmadeinusablog Says:

    I agree that women have been victimized time after time and the Pistorius case is another example. One of the problems has been that women tend to be very silent not only about this issue, but on a lot of issues that directly concern them. There is no scarcity of pompous men giving out their ill-conceived opinions. Like with the Made in USA movement, most people believe in “fair wages”, however, the power is still in the hands of the big corporate bosses who still have the power to outsource even more American jobs. There needs to be more voice and outrage against this, especially from women, but I believe the women’s “let’s all get along” mindset stops many from being too active in these type of issues.
    P.S. i think Oscar Pistorius is very guilty. -Jack Ackerman

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