Sometimes, it is impossible to complete your goals and objectives despite your best intentions. Events beyond your control can hinder or stop progress on the things that matter most to you. In those instances, you can choose to suffer or simply accept that you cannot control everything around you. For example, I had a goal today which required me to speak to business contacts in the northeast. Since the entire northeast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy, most of these business contacts were not at work today. This was a circumstance beyond my control. I joyfully accepted that and worked on other projects which I had complete control over.

The MIUSA movement is not something I have any control of. I can’t lobby for funds for the movement, I can’t require stores to carry only MIUSA clothing or impose consequences on stores that sell foreign made clothes. What I can do is continue to engage others in the movement and sustain my own passion and interest in the movement. These actions and my enthusiasm are fully in my control. No one or nothing else can hinder these. Even the mightiest hurricane does not stand a chance against the force of my commitment.


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