Made in the USA Fashionistas

Lately, I started exploring fashion forums and other fashion minded communities. What I have found lately is more fashion fans are discussing MIUSA clothes and their preference for it. Hearing this is a dream come true and music to my ears! Whereas I always believed fashionistas cared more about the latest designs and styles, a growing number also care about investing in high quality MIUSA clothes. They are not interested in the civil and human rights they are upholding by buying MIUSA clothes, they simply care about the quality of MIUSA clothes and how great they look juxtaposed against their foreign made counterpart. That is fine by me. If someone values fashion much more than other more soulful values, there’s nothing wrong with that. The end result is the MIUSA clothing movement is gaining more fans and supporters everyday. That is a beautiful thing.


4 Responses to “Made in the USA Fashionistas”

  1. mbtrama Says:

    Hi there, can you please post some links to those fashion forums? I would be interested in reading them as well. Thank you!

  2. Alex Says:

    there is some awesome mens clothes that are made in the USA at
    they are my favorite right now!

    • madeinusafan Says:

      Hi Alex, thanks for posting. I checked out the Alex maine website, it was great and I like the unique concept of a sports bar/mens clothing store, thanks for letting me know about it!!:)

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