My Letter to Banana Republic

Dear Banana Republic,

I am writing because I once was your most ardent and loyal fan. I loved your stylish, classy, well fitted clothing for many years. I stopped shopping at your stores in 2008. The quality of your clothes had deteriorated to such a point that it made no sense to buy them anymore. I believe this drop in quality coincided with your company’s manufacturing switching from the US to China. I implore you to please consider following the trend of other companies and return your manufacturing back to the United States. My reasons are not political. Although Made in USA has regained popularity and is on the lips of our politicians, the best reason to make your clothes in the US again is to reinstate the excellent quality your clothes were once known for. I will never shop in your stores again unless you resume making your clothes in the US again. Although I still find the designs and styles of your clothes quite attractive, it just is not the worth the money if the clothes fall apart within weeks of buying them. I hope you reconsider your stance.


Your former #1 fan


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