I’m contemplating which fashion company I will write a complaint letter to this week. Ralph Lauren seems an obvious choice given the controversy over their Team USA olympic uniforms being made in China. However, closer to my heart are my two former favorite stores Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. I grew up loving these stores because the clothes were smart, attractive and timeless. Both stores also had a knack for putting together terrific outfits on their mannequins. I would spend hours in each store browsing through the clothes and putting together sexy. sophisticated and classic outfits. I especially loved their summer blouses and dress shirts. Although the clothes looked terrific coming home from the store and after a few initial outings, the clothes quickly started deteriorating after a few washes. I learned that the only way to preserve the integrity of these pretty clothes was to refrain from washing them and wearing them infrequently. Any wash faded the colors and shrunk the fabric. This was to be expected as both of these stores’ clothes were and still are foreign made.

In my letter to either Ann Taylor or Banana Republic this week, I will stress that although I still enjoy the designs of their fashions, the clothes have very little mileage as they cannot be washed or wrinkled because they would be permanently ruined I would suggest the most obvious solution to this problem is to make all their clothes MIUSA. Who knows if anything will result from my letter and my commitment? All I can control are my actions and my follow through. I suspect they are all I will ever need.


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