The first of many

In continuing with yesterday’s theme, here is my very first complaint posting for a company whose clothes are all foreign made. I chose as my first victim Liz Claiborne, a once great company. The company’s unsurpassed quality was evident when their clothes and accessories were all MIUSA. In recent years the company has made all their products outside the US and the quality of the products suffered as a result. I hope this changes soon. Here is what hopefully Liz Claiborne executives woke up to this morning on several different complaint websites:

Dear Liz Claiborne Executive Team,
May I suggest that all the recent complaints about your company’s once great products are due to one reason? The products are no longer made here in the US. Hence, the poor quality. I beseech you to consider producing your products again here in the US. Your customers will come back in droves and you will establish your company as a beacon of Made in USA value and quality. Liz Claiborne was once a huge success, a Wall Street darling and a Fortune 500 company before its recent financial troubles. The company can be a huge success again if the clothes and accessories are again made in the USA. It is a simple solution to a seemingly complicated problem. It is not. Sometimes, the solutions to our problems really are that simple. I thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.


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