I had a few experiences last week in which I felt incredibly unlucky. This was very disconcerting to me because I always felt very lucky. I was born under the sign of the rabbit, the luckiest of all signs. With my challenging streak of unlucky incidents last week, I started to think about luck and how much it really benefits me. As I considered the string of unfortunate incidents last week, I started to realize these were the effects of my choices and not so much my luck.

As I started to distinguish between my choices and luck, I realized that no matter how unlucky I felt last week, I was the cause of all these effects, not my luck. For example, I chose to attend a meeting last week which was 4 hours away and turned out to be largely unproductive. On my way back home, it started to rain heavily and I got caught in the pouring rain. I considered myself incredibly unlucky that afternoon. However, I soon realized I 1. Agreed to attend a meeting I knew was very far. 2. I did not ask the relevant questions over the phone which would have led me to conclude the meeting would not be productive and should therefore be skipped. 3. I never watch news, hence I don’t watch weather reports so I had no idea that it would rain non-stop that day. I felt much better once I realized had I prepared more thoroughly, I would have not had such an unproductive day.

I noticed that the MIUSA movement has not had much luck in the news as of late. With the exception of the outrage provoked by Ralph Lauren’s Made in China outfits for the Summer Olympics, there has not been much else discussed about MIUSA clothing and other products. Rather than rely on luck to cause the issue to continue to be of significance, it is more empowering to continue to speak about, write about, enroll and educate others about the current state of MIUSA clothes. Luck alone is not enough.

“Luck is when hard work meets with opportunity”. – Thomas Jefferson.


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