An Ethical Breach

Hi everyone, I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  I recently faced an ethical dilemma.  I was working at my friend’s baby products store in Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida when he made an unexpected request.  He asked me if I would mind running over to the nearest store to buy a pair of black pants.  He had received a complaint earlier in the week from management that although his employees were wearing the required all black clothing of their choice, some of the outfits looked old and unprofessional.  To avoid any more complaints, my friend agreed to have his employees purchase new and sharp looking black pants. I agreed to his request and headed over to Sears, the nearest and most affordable store in the mall. Here is where I was forced to confront my ethics.

I found many pairs of black pants, however not a single one was MIUSA.  I found ridiculously over priced Kardashian black pants, designer black pants and other pants of questionable quality.  I soon realized that in order for me to get back to my friend’s store in time,  and uphold my commitment to work for him, I had to breach my ethics and purchase non MIUSA black pants.  This was a disheartening moment as I have purchased only MIUSA clothing since early 2010 when I made a promise to myself to never purchase foreign made clothes ever again.  With a sinking heart, I purchased the cheapest black leggings I could find. They were made in China and cost $7.99.

No sooner than I put my new pants on, I started to experience the consequences of my ethical breach.  The pants were itchy, felt starchy and extremely uncomfortable.  The pants large made in China tag scratched my skin so much I finally had to cut it off with scissors. My sales for the day were impacted as well.  I had the worst day in sales among all the salespeople since my friend’s store opened.  Ironically enough, just a few days before, I had the best day in sales ever of the salespeople since the store’s opening.  Whether it was the bothersome feeling I had over buying non made in USA clothes or the uncomfortable and poorly made pants I was wearing, I could not sell that day.  It seemed as if every potential customer ran out of the store as soon as I approached them.

This experience strengthened my resolve as I vowed to never buy non MIUSA clothing again. Not surprisingly, I lost the bothersome leggings that weekend and have not yet found them. I have a new job now and therefore have no reason to wear those hideous pants again.  However, I do hope I find them as they will always remind me of the consequences of breaching my ethics.


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