A Tale of Two Dresses

Hello everyone, my internet issues have been resolved, I’m so glad to be back online. A few posts ago, I talked about the stark contrast in quality between newly washed MIUSA clothes and newly washed non-MIUSA clothes. I thought I would demonstrate in pictures how profound this contrast is. I recently washed 2 of my favorite dresses, rolled them up and put them away. 1 week later, I observed how each one looked and felt. The results did not suprise me, obviously the MIUSA dress still looked fantastic whereas the other dress…well I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Despite being washed, some of the stains did not come off and after only 1 week, the dress is impossibly wrinkled. This dress is about 5 years old, it is by New York and Company and made in Indonesia. It is the same fabric as the following dress.

I bought this lovely dress back in 1996. It is by Cressong. I have no idea if the company still exists but I sure hope they do and are still churning out gorgeous dresses like this one! This dress was treated in the same manner as the previous dress. However, unlike the white NY and Company dress, this beautiful dress retained its shape, did not wrinkle and its colors are as sharp and bright as when I first eyed it in the store well over 16 years ago. Keep in mind both dresses are made of the same fabric!


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