The MIUSA Phoenix

This week, I have been traveling with a friend through several states on my way to New York City.  Along the way, I encountered past relics of the dominance of Made In USA clothing and products.  In Asheville, NC, I saw what was left of Beacom, a company that produced MIUSA blankets.  The company’s headquarters burned to the ground in the months after it closed sometime in the 1990’s.  In Georgia, we passed by cotton fields full of lush cotton which unfortunately will likely be headed to foreign lands soon.  If all this wonderful cotton was used for clothing here, it will be a boon to clothing produced in the USA. However, I do not believe this cotton will be used for MIUSA clothing.
Similar to the legendary bird the Phoenix, which rose from its ashes, I believe that with a strong sense of duty and commitment, MIUSA clothing will see another heyday soon despite the large number of shuttered down MIUSA companies.  I believe this because as MIUSA gains more popularity, more people will begin to appreciate MIUSA clothing.  I also believe this as I am aware that it is in the darkest moments that the greatest goals, hopes and dreams come true.  For example, a dear friend of mine was recently laid off and found herself working as an assistant for a friend. She had no job or savings and desperately needed money.  Her dream was to publish a cookbook for children.  With no money or contacts in the publishing or cookbooks world, her dream seemed nearly impossible.
In the weeks after beginning her new job, my friend committed to a 3 month goal of somehow finding a way to publish her cookbook.  As luck would have it, her friend who hired her as an assistant was a professional food stylist.  Her friend was soon asked to style the food for an upcoming dessert cookbook for children that a well known chocolate and baking company was publishing. Eventually, my friend told her boss about her 3 month goal. Her boss was soon asked by the baking company if she knew of someone who could complete 75 recipes in 1 month for their cookbook.  Recalling her assistant/friend’s goal, she promptly recruited her for the project although my friend had no writing experience and had never worked professionally as a cook before save for some community cooking classes for children that she conducted in her neighborhood.  My friend jumped at the chance and completed the 75 recipes in just under a month.  The resulting book was a huge success and sold over 50,000 copies in her hometown.  Armed with the confidence of the project’s success, my friend finally started writing her own cook book for children.  Since she is already a successful published author with the publication of the baking company’s book which she co-authored, she received an advance of $10,000 for her first cook book. She is currently working on the book and will have it in stores by year’s end.  Despite her dire situation, she kept being hopeful and optimistic, worked very hard and made her dream come true.
How wonderful it would be if all the shuttered MIUSA clothing factories and the overall dark moment for MIUSA clothes transform them into a similar success story as that of my friend? I believe it is possible but what would it take to make that commitment? I hope that with our collective efforts, we are able to find the answer very soon.

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