Closet cleaning

I started cleaning through my apartment today. It is always a chore I put off for as long as I can until the mess has accumulated to a point where something needs to be done about it. The hardest part is dealing with any clothes I may have ruined with my carelessness. I have cleaned through my closets and found long missing shirts and blouses that were stepped on, crumpled, or covered in dust and dirt which I thought were beyond repair. I have minimized my suffering over the loss of these clothes by simply looking at the labels and acting accordingly. If I see the item is a MIUSA item, I breathe a sign of relief and simply throw it in the washer knowing it will look brand new once it is washed and dried. However, if the label reads that the item was foreign made, (I still have a small handful of foreign made clothes I bought before my commitment to only buying and wearing MIUSA clothing) I simply throw it out without regret. I do this because I know based on countless previous experiences that if the item is foreign made, it will not be rescued as it will be damaged beyond repair as an effect of the inferior quality of the item.

So I shed no tears over these items and remind myself one more benefit of only buying and wearing MIUSA clothes: I never need to become an overly obsessive neat freak. I can hang onto my pattern of accumulating a small mess as an effect of living such a rich and fulfilling life that I have almost no time for chores. Of course, during the first few weeks after a thorough cleaning, I am careful to hang my clothes and keep my room and closet neat before the messes start again. Knowing that most of my clothes are now all made in our great country gives me the peace of mind and freedom that no matter how busy I get and my clothes suffer due to my neglect, I can simply throw them in the wash and they look as great as when I first bought them.

Although I recognize I have a responsibility to care for my clothes, its great to know that my sometimes lackadaisical attitude towards keeping my clothes neat and well cared will not result in ruined clothes as long as they carry the MIUSA label.


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