MIUSA T- shirt vs. Foreign made T- shirt

Hi everyone,

I recently heard about a book called “The Global Travels of a T -Shirt. It was recommended to me by a dear friend. The title of the book got me thinking about the different paths a Made in USA T- shirt will travel and experience as opposed to a foreign made T- shirt. If T- shirts can talk, I imagine that they would say the following:

Foreign Made T- shirt:

I was made by children and adults in the most inhumane and unsanitary conditions possible. Whenever workers who put me together complained to their superiors, they were beaten, told to shut up and if they didn’t like it there were thousands of others willing to take their place. This made me sad as these people worked very hard for very long hours and very little pay. I was also poorly made because my makers were poorly skilled and rushed through making me. The result is when I am eventually sold and bought by an American who bought me with his hard earned money, I will fall apart in a matter of months and my color will fade in the first wash. My purchaser will be a very unhappy customer. There are no laws regulating my quality so dozens more of my poorly made brothers and sisters will be sold for ridiculously inflated prices and will be thrown in the trash when they fail to live up to their promise. How I wish I was made in the USA!!!

Made In USA T- shirt:

I was made by hard working, skilled workers in a factory based in the greatest country in the world. My makers are all productive members of their communities and are paid decent enough wages to care for their families and maintain a decent standard of living. I was carefully made with special attention paid to all my patterns and colors. I was made with the highest quality cotton that can be found. I am carefully inspected to ensure I meet strict quality standards in accordance to US law. Customers who buy me will be delighted with their purchase as I will maintain my colors and textures after many washes and will still look great many, many years after I am bought. I was built to last. I am sold at a fair price to a very happy customer. How proud and joyful I am that I was made in the USA!!!


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