Brand Awareness, Reality Shows and Sex tapes

Hello everyone, I hope your week is off to a fabulous start. I had a few awarenesses this week while working at my friend’s successful store for baby toys, clothes and accessories. I quickly recognized the well heeled young mothers who came to the store were well informed of the latest baby trends and products and eager to buy as many as they thought they needed. I learned that one product a teething toy called Sophie the Giraffe is universally popular with mothers as the toy is advertised in many parent magazines and websites. These mothers already come in to the store fully enrolled in the idea of Sophie and all her accessories for their children regardless of the cost. My pay structure at my friend’s store is a base salary plus commissions so I was equally enrolled in the idea of selling as many Sophies and her accessories as the moms were of buying them.

Soon every mother that walked into the store walked out with Sophie, a stroller toy chain to carry Sophie, leather jumbo and mini stroller hooks to carry Sophie, stroller organizers and cup holders. In short even if a mom was just stopping in to buy a simple pacifier, I found out how old the baby was and proceeded to tell her how important it was for their baby to have an excellent teething toy like Sophie as well as all the accompanying extra accessories to accomodate the toy. The brand awareness of the toy had already closed 90% of the sale, I only needed to close the final 10% of the sale. The $24.50 price tag of the toy was a non issue with these mothers as was the average $100 cost of the toy’s accompanying accessories.

The success of the above sales strategy got me thinking about the brand awareness of Made In USA. The phrase is just starting to receive universal recognition. Jay Z and other superstars are headlining a Made in America concert tour, and Ralph Lauren caught a lot of flak for manufacturing Team USA uniforms for the summer Olympics in China as opposed to our country. However, until the brand awareness reaches a fever point where every young man and woman clamors for Made In USA clothing, it will be very difficult to restore Made In USA clothing to its former glory. If Made in USA clothing were as desired by young girls as the Kardashian sisters and Jessica Simpson clothing lines, the billions in profit would ensure these clothes continue to be made in the USA. It seems than that the most logical next step is to enroll as many young, fashionable women as possible to invest as much in MIUSA clothes as they do in the clothing lines of washed up pop singers and reality stars. The question is where to begin? Reality show, cheating scandal, sex tape? Hmmmmm…..


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