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Hi everyone,

I have gone in great detail about my passion for MIUSA clothing on these pages, however I never discussed the value underlining this passion: my love for fashion. My fascination with fashion originated from my beloved sister and I’s shared enthusiasm for fashion focused shows. My amazing sister and I used to watch hours of the Style Network’s ” How Do I Look” and “The Look For Less”. I loved these shows as they were one of the few tv shows my sister and I loved equally. My sister has always been very stylish with a knack for putting together beautiful outfits. I was a baseball cap wearing tomboy. Despite our different styles, to say I love my sister would be an understatement. She is my best friend, most trusted confidante and one of my greatest teachers.

Despite our close bond, my sister and I did not have alot in common growing up. Although we shared many values including our love for music, her tastes veered towards sexy rap songs while I preferred the innocent and joyful pop songs of the 1950’s and 1960 ‘s by such innovative artists and teen hearthrobs as Elvis, the Beatles, Ricky Nelson and Buddy Holly. Movies and TV shows were no different, we had very different preferences. Given that I was a tomboy who preferred tee shirts, jeans and baseball caps and loved most sports, I struggled to find common ground with my beautiful, sports hating and stylish sister. All that changed once my sister and I discovered the Style Network. We both fell in love with the aforementioned shows and enthusiastically tried to re-create the outfits we admired so much. I was beyond delighted, I had finally found a value my sister and I both shared and expressed in a similar manner!

I also discovered my own sense of style. I learned that I was more than willing to replace my tomboyish attire for beautiful MIUSA summer clothing. Indeed, as I created countless beautiful summer outfits, I realized how much I wanted summer to never end. My sun kissed hair, golden tan and adorable summer tops, skirts and dresses became staples of a too short summer season in New York City. It is no small wonder then that I decided to leave New York City for beautiful and sunny South Florida where it is summer everyday. I can now express my love of summer fashion 365 days a year. Of course, all these summer outfits bear the proud MIUSA label. What has inspired your love of fashion?


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