High end MIUSA shopping

Hello everyone,

Here’s hoping you all had a terrific weekend. I stopped by a high end boutique in Boca Raton, Florida today looking for MIUSA clothing. Boca Raton is an affluent neighborhood here in south Florida. Unfortunately, high end boutiques usuallly means no MIUSA clothes to be found. Once again, I was delighted to be proven wrong as I did find many beautiful MIUSA items in Boutique A La Mode, a very high end shop in Town Center Circle, Boca Raton, Fl. It is always is a wonderful thing to be proven wrong. Isn’t it funny how I always learn something new and grow whenever I’m wrong? The same is not true for the times I am proven (or at least think I am) right. I hope to always be wrong more often than right. Here are a few of my favorite finds this week:

These gorgeous, perfectly fitted red jeans are from Impulse- a California based company. They are $85 (this is a high end shop after all) and looks if they will last forever. Red jeans are a particularly fun item. They pair well with white, black, beige, black and white stripes, or purple tops. Minimalist jewelery such as a chunky gold bracelet or an eye catching pair of earrings are all that is needed to complete a great look with these jeans. Too much jewelery would distract or at worse, look garish with these stunning and attention grabbing jeans.

This lovely top from Julienne is $90 and is ideal for the office paired with a pencil skirt and blazer, a summer picnic when worn with a loose, flowing skirt or a night on the town accompanied by leather pants or a festive mini skirt.

This beautiful orange top from Philosophy of Paek (P.O.P) is $49. The fit is phenomenal, the ribbing along the front accentuates and celebrates curves while simultanteously lengthening the torso and slenderizing your waist. The blouse pairs beautifully with jeans, white, black, yellow pants, shorts and skirts. Different kind of animal prints including zebra prints would also look great.

This lovely and very festive skirt requires a simple one colored blouse. It is by S. Twelve and costs $110. The aforementioned orange top would work well as will any one color skirt. Prints or even simple details would distract from the colors and unique designs of the skirt. A simple silver bracelet or gold earrings will accessorize the skirt beautifully.


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