Latest MIUSA fashions

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you all have enjoyed a terrific start to summer. I know I did but unfortunately my trusty 7 year old laptop did not and crashed on me recently. Ironically enough, the laptop was working just fine albeit slow until the day after my wonderful friends and sister gifted me with a brand new laptop for my birthday. The very next day my laptop petered out. Hmmmmm…

    Just before my laptop meltdown, I had a chance to catch up on the latest MIUSA fashions in my area. Enjoy the beautiful clothes!!

    Beautiful white MIUSA dress. Good for cocktail parties, for the office with a blazer thrown over it or picnics in the park. A simple eye catching chunky sparkling bracelet will be an ideal accessory.

    [caption id="attachment_228" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Nothing like a little black dress:)[/caption

    [caption id="attachment_231" align="aligncenter" width="225"] This beautiful dress’s colors and patterns make it truly unique.

    Two beautiful MIUSA dresses, one which was bought by my amazing sister:)


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