Upholding your values

Hi everyone, in continuing with all the great finds from yesterday, here is a gorgeous item whose price point really got me to think and struggle with my decision to purchase it.

This is a gorgeous top and very versatile. However, is it really worth $40? Hmmm….

I admit, I was conflicted over how I felt about the new MIUSA pieces in Macy’s. I was delighted to see them of course, but given that this is Macy’s, the prices were very high compared to MIUSA clothes I usually find. It was great to see a brand name like Ellen Tracy have MIUSA clothes in addition to the typical foreign made items. However, I started to question the value of dropping $40 on a blouse of which I could buy 4 of for $10 each in stores like Ross’s and Burlington Coat Factory.

I guess ultimately it depends on what values I want to uphold in making my purchases. Although I value frugality and getting a great bang for my buck, if my purchase of MIUSA clothing helps to uphold humanity and civil rights because an American made the clothes and not a helpless child slave in a foreign country then I will joyfully choose to spend the extra money. I will fully embrace my choice as I will be upholding a higher value than saving money. I hope to encourage you all to look into yourselves and determine what values you are upholding and supporting in the world when you purchase your clothing. Until next time, happy shopping!!


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