Latest Macy’s Update

Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed a sunny and beautiful weekend. I popped into Macy’s at Aventura Mall today to check out the latest and greatest in MIUSA fashions and also report on companies still making all their clothes in foreign countries.

I was pleased to find many different MIUSA fashions by different designers. These included Ellen Tracy, Karen Kane and Alternative. Although I was happy that all these designers carried MIUSA clothes, they also carried a large number of foreign made clothes. Karen Kane in particular proudly states on the tags of her clothes, “Made in L.A” yet many of the items were made in China and other countries. Although it is a great step in the right direction, I wonder how and why otherwise patriotic designers as Karen Kane would choose to have some clothes for her collection made outside the US.

I was particularly looking forward to checking out the new Ivanka Trump collection. I always admired Ivanka for her work ethic, intelligence and for being quite level headed and grounded. I approached the collection with caution because although I respect Ms. Trump, the Trump name is not known for favoring MIUSA products over cheap, foreign labor. Unfortunately, my suspicions proved correct as every single item in the Ivanka Trump collection was foreign made with a majority being made in China. Oh well, maybe she’ll take a cue from Ellen Tracy and Karen Kane, only time will tell!

Here are a few of my favorite finds from today’s shopping trip.

Although this was not one of my favorite finds, it still made me laugh. It is a new brand I have not previously heard about. They have this entire seemingly patriotic display in Macy’s but since they make their clothes in China, there is nothing free about “We the Free”!

This bright and beautiful outfit is perfect for a stroll on the beach.

I loved both of these beautiful and breezy summer dresses so much I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to take home!

These beautiful patriotic pants were the first time in a long time in which I have seen clothes bearing our magnificent flag’s stars and stripes that was not made in China! Finally, a company that stands behind their patriotic designs and upholds the beauty and value of Made In the USA!!!:)


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