Memorial Day weekend shopping trip at Ross’s in Hollywood, Florida

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Here are some pics from my latest MIUSA shopping trip! Enjoy and I hope you can see all the gorgeous and fashionable MIUSA outfits you can put together for very little money!!:)

This gorgeous MIUSA skirt will look great paired with a white or black lace tee, polo shirt, tank top or paired with a black, white or blue-green blazer. A very versatile piece!

This beautiful MIUSA dress is perfect for a picnic, formal dinner, the office, it can go anywhere!

Another beautiful MIUSA piece. What outfits can you think of putting together with this beautiful top?

I bought and wore this gorgeous blouse at my Memorial Day barbecue yesterday. It was a hit!!:)

This lovely ruffled MIUSA blouse can be worn with virtually anything: any color leggings, jeans, skirts, dress plants, shorts, its versatility make it an incredible investment and a huge steal at just under $9!!:)

I love seeing this magnificent label of excellence on all my gorgeous MIUSA clothing finds!!:)


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