Another pleasant suprise!!:)

Hi everyone! This week I hit up Burlington Coat Factory in Hollywood, Florida. In the past, I was always disappointed at the store’s lack of Made in USA clothing. I was expecting much of the same today. I’m glad, I was wrong! From the moment I walked into the store, my eyes were delighted at the many outfits I found bearing the proud Made In USA label. Can the recent surge of MIUSA clothing and their accompanying jobs be a factor in the recent turnaround of our economy? Well it certainly couldn’t hurt!!

These gorgeous dark washed jeans were a real find, they were the first Made In USA jeans I have found in a store in over 20 years! At $20, they are an incredible bargain.[/caption]

Here’s another look at those fabulous jeans!

I fell in love with this funky little top. It will look terrific with my new jeans, white pants, black pants, skirts, very versatile piece!

Anyone who says MIUSA is not affordable is clearly not used to paying $7.99 for a high quality shirt:)

These clothes are so lovely, I’ll let them speak for themselves:)


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2 Responses to “Another pleasant suprise!!:)”

  1. madeinusa challenge (@MadeinUSABlog) Says:

    Awesome finds! What were the brands of the skirts? Would love to check them out.

  2. madeinusafan Says:

    Thanks! The brands were Charlotte Russe, and French Atmosphere. I hope this list continues to expand!

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