Want to vs Have to

Every day I am reading more articles about the resurgence of Made In USA products. I am happy and excited about this but I’m am also aware of the issues that may arise. One of the issues I’m concerned about about is desire for Made In USA products will become more of a demand and expectation which would then lead to unnecessary legislation.

Unfortunately, this has already happened. A law was passed today which made it illegal for national parks to sell items and memorabilia not Made In the USA. Although the intent of the law is good and positive, its execution was not. I can only imagine if a few years ago, it would have been illegal for all businesses to make any of their products in the USA. Business owners would be infuriated and rightfully so. Although I am all for expanding the popularity of Made In USA (MIUSA) products, I don’t believe it should be demanded or legislated. Fans of the MIUSA movement are motivated because they want to enjoy the great quality of MIUSA products, they don’t have to be forced to do it by their legislators. Nevertheless, I’m delighted to see so many people care about the top quality products that can only be Made in the USA!!


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