Common sense

I read a news article today which got me thinking of the importance of rational thinking and common sense. I read that Facebook has banned the use of the word “book” on its site. It appears that this ban is stated in their latest privacy agreement. This is in my opinion, ridiculous and completely lacking in common sense. The reasoning behind it is Facebook’s CEO wants to eliminate the use of the word book as a verb, it seems he want to trademark and own the word “book” and this is the first step to his goal.

I think attempting to eliminate the word “book’ is nuts and makes no sense whatsoever. As a frequent user of Facebook, this latest lack of common sense demonstrated by Facebook’s CEO disturbed me. We have already been sold to advertisers, stripped of our right to determine the look of our Facebook profile and now this. As Senator Al Franken so wonderfully stated, “we are not Facebook’s consumer, we are their product”. Facebook sells our private information to companies and demands that user information including contact information be kept up to date. What about the rights to privacy? It seems Facebook is losing sight of the right every person has to keep their personal information private. I hope more users are aware of Facebook’s unethical practices and can choose if they want to continue using Facebook. Perhaps if more Facebook users spoke up against some of Facebook’s attacks against privacy and common sense, Facebook’s CEO will have no other choice than to listen and to protect the privacy of their users.

This whole situation reminds me of the struggle of American manufacturing. When I was growing up in the 1980’s, there was no shortage of companies making their clothes in the USA. When manufacturing started to move away from the states in 1990’s, consumers didn’t protest and only after hundreds of thousands of good American manufacturing jobs had been sent overseas, did Americans started protesting and demanding that the jobs return. But the damage had already been done. I am concerned that Facebook users will begin to protest only after all their rights to privacy have been stripped away. I hope more Facebook users are aware of Facebook’s aggressive practices and actively protest them before any more damage can be done.


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