I started to look at other blogs and was delighted about how many are concerned about the lack of Made In USA products (MIUSA).  It appears I was not the only one who was concerned about the dearth of American manufacturing.  This got me to remember when I first became interested and passionate about my mission: restoring American clothing manufacturing.  I was inspired by a dear and awe inspiring friend I will simply call “S”.  S first gave me the idea of promoting MIUSA clothes 2  years ago.  S’s good friend was sharing with our group why it was so difficult to shop for “S”. She explained S was committed to wearing only clothing not made in China.  Our friend explained that S was a devoted follower of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Despite his joyful committment to non violence,  his holiness is believed to be a divisive enemy of China  and an instigator of violence and oppression. In my opinion, nothing can be further from the trust.  As somone who had the rare privilege to see his holiness speak, I know he is committed to love, compassion and understanding.  As a silent protest of the Chinese government’s treatment of His Holiness, S has refused to buy or wear any clothing made in China

Hearing how my dear friend forsake her love of fashion to uphold a principle she committed to, moved and inspired me. I took it  a step further by not only refusing to buy Made in China clothing but any other clothing not made in the USA.  I could not have done this without knowledge of “S’s” committment.  She inspired me:)


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