A master

This week, I was lucky enough to be coached by one of our company’s top salespeople. He is a 20 year veteran with our company and is extremely successful. The key to his remarkable success is his logical yet extremely outside of the box thinking. For example, when he calls a prospective client who has already been called by our company but did not buy, he approaches very differently than most salespeople.

Prospective client: I have been called by your company before, I am not interested right now, try me again in 6 months.

Most sales people: How come you decided not to do it?

Prospective client: I don’t have time for this, thanks for keeping us in mind, call us again in 6 months. Click.

This approach hardly ever works.

An outside of the box approach works much better:

Prospective client: I have been called by your company before, I am not interested right now, try me again in 6 months.

Master Salesperson: Great! Which size ad did you do? (enthusiastic and energetic tone)

Prospective client (confused and wonders if they lost out on a great opportunity): Uhh, I didn’t do an ad.

Master Salesperson: Really? I’m surprised to hear that , I thought it would be a perfect fit for these reasons…..

The master salesperson always thinks outside the box.  They do things differently than their peers and that is why they are unforgettable and riveting to their prospects and clients.

In a similar vein, a company that demonstrates a masterful command of creating unique and high quality clothing can make their company unforgettable to their customers by making all their clothes here in the US.  Only in our great country, can top quality clothing be created and expected.  An item of clothing made in the USA is unlike any other.  Of my own collection of MIUSA clothing, most of these timeless pieces are going on their 15th or 16th year since purchase and still look outstanding.

With the majority of world famous designers and fashion houses manufacturing their clothes out of the USA, by keeping their clothes made in the USA, a great clothing company can distinguish themselves from their peers much as the master salesperson is easily distinguised from his own peers.  Perhaps one of the world famous fashion houses will be the first to recognize this and relocate their manufacturing to the states.  By doing so, they will be distinguishing themselves as a master company of style, taste and unsurpassed quality. Which company will be up for that? Only time will tell.  Until next time!!


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