An American Hero

Hello everyone!

I just came back from an incredible and inspiring seminar. The Get Motivated seminar features some of the country’s biggest celebrities and motivational speakers in a fun and informative format. I was inspired and deeply moved by many of the speakers but none more so than the amazing John Walsh, the heroic American behind tv’s very first reality show “America’s most Wanted”.

Hearing this brave, exceptional man speak was thrilling. Although it is a story he has told countless times before, his words and passion resonated with the audience as he retold his sad, tragic and ultimately uplifting tale of losing his beloved son Adam and finding the strength through his pain, to make the world safer for all children.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Walsh’s only son Adam was abducted from a mall in Florida in the early 1980’s and later found murdered. Instead of wallowing in anger and misery, Walsh decided to turn his fury and suffering into a passionate campaign to protect children from his own son’s fate. I was not aware that it was Walsh’s passionate commitment that created all sorts of systems to quickly find and rescue kidnapped children including several federal laws, the Amber alert system and even the missing children signs on milk cartons.

As I thought deeply about how John Walsh turned a personal tragedy into a force for good and triumph over evil, I considered what would be my own motivation to continue to pursue the dream of restoring MIUSA clothing to its former glory in the US. Is it something I was willing to pursue 5, 10 or even 30 years from now as John Walsh had? What was the tragedy that would help fuel my commitment? I soon realized that the situation our once mighty but still great nation was undergoing is a tragedy.

The loss of American manufacturing has resulted in thousands of citizens falling into poverty and even more depending on government assistance to survive.

Until American jobs are restored to our wonderful country, I will continue to be motivated to do what I can to ensure American jobs at least in the clothing industry flourish. Just as John Walsh, one of my great heroes found motivation after his personal tragedy, I will continue to be motivated by doing what I can to fix and improve our great country’s current tragedy. I am committed to this no matter how long it will take. Like John Walsh, my commitment knows no limits.


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