I have recently heard about the Made In USA bracelets Starbucks started selling. I was cautiously optimistic as I have not been impressed with many of the coffee giant’s business practices. So I decided to do a little digging. My digging was prompted by my knowledge of previous unethical business practices Starbucks participated in previously.  It also made me think at one point is one no longer open to new data?

I admit that I fully expected to find negative feedback and data regarding Starbucks new Made in USA bracelets based on my previous knowledge.  If I had truly been open minded, I would have done the research without a preconceived notion of unethical business practices.  Instead, I was surprised and even slightly disappointed that I did not find any negative information regarding Starbucks new bracelets.  I myself will not purchase them as I have no interest in their bracelets, but most importantly, I feel they have not yet earned my trust.  I strongly feel that trust is precious and once it is broken it requires lots of work and effort and sincere regret to start to rebuild the value destroyed and re-earn the trust that was once there.  I’m confident Starbucks has not quite put forth what it takes to earn my trust again.

With respect to MIUSA clothing, my hope is that companies that outsourced clothing manufacturing jobs will see the light and restore the jobs here but I cannot trust that they will do this anytime soon.  As long as we consumers continue to buy poor quality foreign made clothes, this may not happen for a while.  Even if the clothing all start to carry the MIUSA tags, I will still find myself a little skeptical since the majority of the clothing companies I loved as a child have forsaken the beauty and quality of MIUSA clothes in favor of bigger profits and cheap foreign made clothing.  In order for me to love these companies again, they  will need to earn my trust.  I hope these once great companies are willing to put in the effort as their  MIUSA clothing were very beautiful and lasted  forever.  If they do put forth the effort, I will gladly commit to loving and trusting their MIUSA clothes and brands again!!


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