I just came back from a glorious trip in Vermont.  It was wonderful and it was a joy reading how so many of the area’s finest products including syrup and specialty cheeses were all Made in the USA.  I thought about the quality inherent in every product carrying the proud  Made in the USA label.  So imagine my delight when I heard a commercial on my favorite radio station stating the following:  “The Made in the USA label used to  mean something.  It represented the finest quality products and providing a well paying job to hard working Americans.  In recent years, the phrase Made in the USDA has all but disappeared from our popular culture.  We here at —-Company X are looking to bring it  back.  Our products are of the finest quality.  The quality that comes from being Made in the USA!”

I was pleased and surprised to hear this radio commercial. This was the very first commercial of its kind that I have ever heard.  It was music to my ears that companies are starting to follow suit in the Made in the  USA movement.  Normally, I change the station when the commercials come on, this time I’m glad I didn’t.  I’m excited to see and hear more companies air commercials such as this one!


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