A wonderful new year!

After a well deserved vacation, I am back!  In this sure to be amazing new year, I am committed to upholding my pledge to only buy and wear clothes Made In The USA.  I am wondering as to the best way to enroll others in this commitment.  If we can only pause for a second to imagine the impact on our economy if we all chose to only buy and wear Made In The USA clothing.!! This wonderful dream is within reach but I can’t do it all alone, I encourage others to take the challenge!

As with  all worthwhile endeavors, the Made In The USA clothing challenge  was not without sacrifices.  Here is how I did it:  1. I removed all clothing from my closet that was made outside outside of the USA.  This didn’t mean I threw out clothes, simply that I put them away.  2.  I hung up only  beautiful MIUSA clothing in my closet.   3. I ignored fashion trends  in favor of my own personal sense of style.  3.  Find shops and boutiques seling MIUSA clothing.  4. Budget wisely in order to afford MIUSA clothing.  5. Last and not least, I had fun with the challenge! I told some of  my close friends what I was doing and encouraged them to take the challenge with me.  I look forward to upholding my MIUSA clothes commitment and  enroll others to join me! Have a wonderful new year!!:)


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