Made In USA labels are loud and proud!

Happy holidays! A Christmas tradition of my sister and I is to window shop on Christmas Eve.  We headed over to the Aventura mall in Aventura, Florida.  I was eager to visit Nordstrom’s after the terrific shopping experience I had at their downtown Miami location a few weeks ago.

To my delight, the store was just as packed with beautiful and unique Made In USA pieces as in the previous store.  However, to my dismay, the excellent customer service I experienced in my previous trip was no where to be found.   The young lady who promised to help me find Made In USA clothes disappeared without finding a single item for me.  She came by once to check up on me and though I again requested her help, she mumbled that she could not find any Made In USA clothes for me.  This of course meant she was not willing to put in the effort to earn her commission.  No matter, I found lots of beautiful Made In USA clothes without her help.

I noticed that Made In USA clothing labels are becoming more prominent and even contain a short caption on the price tag touting the importance of buying Made In USA products.  Here is an example of  one:

“I am proud to be Made in The USA. Your purchase of me will help ensure jobs for Americans stay in America.  I appreciate your purchase of me in helping our great country”.

I hope to see many more prominent declarations on tags and labels of beautiful Made In USA clothing in the new year!



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