Made in USA Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame

Hi everyone! I just got back from another shopping trip. I headed over to Filene’s Basement in Aventura, Florida. I was surprised to see the store is going out of business. I headed inside and went straight to the jeans and pants section. To my delight, I found two different jeans- 1 grey, 1 black both Made In The USA. However, when I looked for blue jeans, I could not find even one as I shifted through many racks of blue jeans. Finally, I asked a salesperson who informed me that she had never seen any blue jeans Made In USA in the store. This was discouraging as I was hoping to purchase a new pair. As I continued perusing many racks of clothes, I kept finding many clothes made outside of the USA. I also realized an interesting irony. I found that the billion dollar designers and clothing companies that are most profitable and can most afford to, make none of their clothes in the US and many make them exclusively in China. However, small independent or local labels with the least money, name recognition or resources almost exclusively make all their clothes in the USA. These are things that make me go hmmmm….

After over 2 hours of fruitlessly searching for blue jeans Made In USA and other items, I settled on a beautiful, form fitting, tri- colored dress. I have attached a picture of this latest gem to my terrific Made In USA collection of beautiful, high quality clothes. With so much time and effort spent on so little results, I decided to put together a list of companies, stores and designers whose clothes carry the Made In USA label. These companies are on my Hall of Fame as their commitment to our great country is admirable. To be fair, I am also including the companies on the Hall of Shame. These are the companies who almost exclusively make their clothes outside our great country.

Here is the list:

Hall of Fame:

1. Nordstrom’s – fantastic collection of gorgeous MIUSA clothes all very reasonably priced between $25- 35 per item.

2. Strawberry’s – young, sexy but sparse collection of MIUSA clothing

3. Ross’s – has a wide selection of clothes Made In USA.

4. Nili Lotan- great looking jeans (no blue jeans so far as I’ve seen) made in the greatest city in the world, my hometown of New York City!

5. 7 for all Mankind: more great looking jeans, have not yet seen blue jeans though.

6. Suzie in The City

7. Carol Rose

8. Vintage Suzie

9. Star Vixen

10. M. Rena

11. American City Wear

I am of course missing many, I am only reporting on what I have bought and/or seen in stores, all of these are brands I found in malls, discount department stores and boutiques with the exception of the first 3 which are all department stores.

Now for the companies that are not as committed to our great country, in my humble opinion:)

Hall of Shame: Calvin Klein (100% of all their clothes that I’ve seen are made in China), Ann Klein- (100% made in China), Grace Elements, Tahari, Marina Sport, Dale Dressin, Izod, Bailey Blue, August Silk, She’s Cool, Max Studios, French Connection, Joseph A

In a category all by themselves for being particularly shameful: Jones NY (How can a company that makes all their clothes in China possibly justify NY in their name??) American Eagle (not so, if all their clothes are made in China!! and lastly US Polo Association (a clothing company representing the US branch of Polo should have their clothes made in our great country, not China!!)

Happy Shopping!!:)


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