Requesting Made In USA clothing

On a recent trip to New York to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, I visited a few stores to inquire about their level of commitment to Made In USA clothing.   Albany’s Clifton Park Center Mall turned out to be a huge disappointment.  I visited 10 different stores and found the same  consistent response: no Made In USA clothes.  Although this was not the result I had expected, I did experience  cautious optimism in one of the stores.   A saleswoman on duty answered my request for Made In USA clothing with “I’m sorry.  We have no Made In USA  clothing.  I am very sorry in more ways than one.  I  will  speak to my manager about purchasing some”.  I was glad to find her  not only sympathetic to my cause  but also willing to take action to correct the situation.  I did not realize this power before.  What if everyone walked into their favorite  clothing department and asked  Made In USA clothing to be purchased or requested the same of a manager? Our stores will be flooding with clothes bearing this magnificent label!  I am feeling inspired  enough by the actions of this friendly saleswoman, that I will take action as well.  I will walk into stores from now on and not only ask for MIUSA clothing but to request that the manager buy MIUSA clothing.  I am excited about doing this.  Once again,  I am reminded how we  the consumers,  are more powerful than we think we are!

I was feeling so inspired I decided to take pictures of all the gorgeous MIUSA clothes I have purchased in recent months.  Enjoy!!:)


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