An unused gift card

I was given a gift card for Banana Republic.  At first I was excited since this used to be my favorite clothing store. However, when I got to the store, I could find absolutely nothing made in the USA. After sifting through endless racks of clothing bearing made in China labels, I asked the salesperson on duty if anything in the store was made in the USA. She answered no but I was free to look. Undeterred, I continued my search for clothing bearing the proud Made In the USA label for about an hour before I finally admitted defeat.

I am now debating on the best way to go about protesting the disheartening lack of Made In USA clothing in my once favorite clothing store. Would a petition work? How about a Facebook page? Or should I bypass technology altogether and instead write to C level executives at Banana Republic and other retail department stores that do not sell Made in USA clothing ? These are all attractive options to consider. In the meantime, my gift card remains unused…


2 Responses to “An unused gift card”

  1. Betty Jo Kelley Says:

    Here is a petition! Its great how the internet is beginning to pull the Made in USA movement together!

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