Where are my pants?

After a particularly beautiful weekend, I did not go out and purchase more Made In The USA clothing. Rather than beat myself up over my lack of action towards my commitment, I simply accepted I had other values including dragon boat racing this weekend which took precedence over my commitment.

What I do know is I will be focusing on my search for pants in my next shopping trip. Although I have been generally delighted with the plethora of Made In The USA clothing I have found on my more recent shopping trips, I did notice a scarcity of any kind of pants: shorts, dress pants, jeans or casual pants carrying the Made In The USA label. My own closet reflects this. While I have a collection of beautiful tops, blouses and dresses, I have almost no pants made in our fantastic country save for a black pair of EverLast shorts I wear everywhere. It seems almost all pants are made in other countries. Consequently, I have a very small selection of pants.
I’m curious to see what my search for pants will yield on my next shopping trip. Until next time!


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