American awakening

I’ve been thinking about how glad I am to see Americans finally demonstrating their voice against the policies that have impacted our great country. Specifically, I am speaking about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that have swept the country. These are truly historic times as our young people have hit to the streets to protest against the role the banks played in destroying our economy. Although I don’t entirely agree with the protests, I admire the passion and drive of the participants.

Along with these protests, I’m also noticing a passion for all things Made in The USA. In nearly every article about the Occupy Wall Street protests, many comments emphasize the importance of buying products with the Made In USA label as a way to bring back countless clothing manufacturing jobs and kick start our economy. I was pleased to see this. The more traction the Made In USA movement gets, the better for our amazing country. I hope that by focusing on the superiority of Made In USA clothing over their cheap foreign made counterparts, more and more young women will use their tremendous buying power to buy these beautiful, high quality clothes. Indeed, if in this recession, these fashion loving young women can crash the website of Target to buy up all the items of the latest Missoni for Target collection, their buying power cannot be underestimated. I am confident once more and more young women embrace the idea of buying and wearing only Made in the USA clothing, the demand for Made in USA clothing will transform the dire state of clothing manufacturing in our country. I am excited for this day and can see it happening in the very near future! Long live Made in USA!


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