Delightful surprise!

This weekend, I committed to the fun but time consuming task of finding Made in USA clothing. I expected the usual: visiting 20+ stores and walking out with one lovely piece of clothing made in the greatest country in the world. Instead, I got a delightful surprise! I popped into Nordstrom’s thinking at such a high end store, I would find only clothes made in China. Instead, the very first item I found was Made in USA! Thinking this was a fluke, I was approached by Lauren, a very friendly and knowledgeable salesperson. When I told her I was looking to purchase only clothes made in the USA, she commented me on my principles and proceeded to pile tons of beautiful clothes all bearing the Made in USA label on me! I was shocked and so excited! No sooner than I had tried on 15 beautiful outfits and had made my final selections, Lauren waltzed into the dressing rooms with 20 more outfits and returned a few times after that. All in all, she fished out over 50 beautiful outfits all carrying the Made in USA label.

Browsing over the beautiful, high quality clothes, I instantly regretted the limited budget I set for myself. Finally, I selected 3 beautiful pieces and promised Lauren I will be back next week. I have heard for many years of the legendary customer service at Nordstroms as well as their high prices. I’m happy to report, the customer service legend is accurate but not the high prices! All of the beautiful clothes I bought were between $25 and $32. I had seen comparable clothing of cheaper quality being sold for prices at least 3 times what I paid. Nordstrom’s is now my new favorite store!


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