I have been thinking about what the Made in USA label means to me. First, it is a guarantee of quality. Any clothing carrying the Made in USA label are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in order to pass the rigorous battery of quality control tests anything made in our great country is subjected to. Second, it means freedom as clothes made in the USA are made by workers, not slaves. Third it means love for my country. Since different things mean different things to different people, I was wondering, what does the Made in USA label mean to you?


2 Responses to “Meaning”

  1. leslie Says:

    the Made in U.S.A label means to me that I am upholding humanity and not supporting anything that is made under un humane conditions like many pieces of fabric that are fabricated out side the u.s. I most admit that I have been shopping more consciously to buy only Made In USA clothing although I do still buy garments made outside as well but when I do it feels good to know that I am supporting the country that I live in and supporting freedom and our economy. 🙂

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