100% Made in the USA

I am looking forward to my first all Made In The USA clothing shopping spree this weekend. In the past, I would reject only clothes made in China but now I buy and wear only 100% Made in USA clothing. As a result, my closet is full of beautiful one of a kind pieces that I will wear again and again in many different outfits. My goal is to show other young Americans how stylish and easy it is to find great looking clothes made exclusively in the USA. I will discuss highlights of this weekend’s shopping trip next week, I look forward to sharing my finds with you all!

One way I have found to quickly determine whether a piece of clothing is Made In the USA is to look for bold, clear print on the label. I have found most of my Made in The USA clothing labels have the same bold font. In contrast, in clothing made outside of the USA, the lettering is often faint or italicized and not as clear. Hope this helps with finding great Made in The USA clothing!


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