Resurgence of Made in The USA

September 13, 2011:

I am delighted to hear Made In USA being tossed around more often. A few years ago, this wonderful phrase had become all but extinct. The lack of american manufacturing in a country that once lead it is a major factor in the resurgence of the Made In USA label. Thousands of jobs have been lost by companies abandoning the USA in search of cheap, foreign labor. If more and more people begin to ask for Made In USA clothing, companies will pay attention.

Case in point, on a recent trip to my hometown of NY, I stopped into a small boutique and said the following:

“Hi, I only buy clothes made in the USA. What designer collections that you sell here make their clothes in the USA”?

Only 4 years ago, the response would be “None” and I experienced this disheartening response many times. Last week in NY however was different. In fact, I was quite pleased with the answer!

“Two of our top designers make all their clothes here in the state. You can find the first designer in section A and the other designer’s collection is closest to the front of the store. We also have a fine selection of hand bags all made exclusively in the USA.”

I look forward to hearing more of these answers in the future!


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