It was just last week that I wrote about my unexpected delight of finding lots of beautiful Made in the USA clothing in my new home of Miami, Florida.  I’m afraid I may have spoken too soon!

Normally, Miami is a warm, sunny, beautiful place where one does not have much use for a sweater.  Lately, we’ve been experiencing unusually cold weather which prompted the need for some warm sweaters.  So, I headed to my favorite stores fully expecting to find a mountain of warm, wool sweaters made in the USA.  After two hours of checking every label of every pretty sweater I found, I realized without exception, every single one was made in China! Since I consider the majority of the Chinese government and their business system to be the worst human rights violator in the world, I refuse to purchase any clothing made in China.  I do this to protest the violent and oppressive human rights violations in China.

I left the stores that day with 10 great looking, long sleeved shirts and 1 cotton turtleneck, but absolutely no sweaters.  I would have settled for sweaters not made in the USA as long as they were not made in China.   I had absolutely no luck there.

Therefore, I found myself facing an ethical dilemma: do I forgo my desire to protest a violent and oppressive political and business system in exchange for a beautiful, new sweater or do I uphold my values of non-violence, compassion and human rights and forsake having a new sweater in my wardrobe, and continue using my lovely but 10+ years old Made in the USA sweaters? For me, the choice was easy.  I continued wearing my still beautiful and warm sweaters made in our great country.  These were purchased at a time when clothes made in the USA were plentiful in every store.  As much as I love my life, relationships and current situations, I still yearn for those days.  And so, my mission has a renewed vigor especially as I face colder and colder weather winter days without a new sweater.


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