Miami vs. New York

Once again, its been a while since I have written.  Although once again, I have not upheld my commitment to this blog, I am happy to report that since moving to Miami, I have found a wealth of beautiful, high quality Made In USA clothing.  This was both a delight and a surprise.  Indeed, the lack of clothing carrying this magnificent label is not as prevalent here in Miami as in my hometown of New York.  Since, I found lots of clothes made in the USA here, it became harder and harder to motivate myself to continue writing about the problem in a place where I didn’t experience it as much.  It made me realize that one must experience a problem in order to be motivated enough to change or fix it.  For  example, when do we feel the most motivated to hit the gym and watch what we eat? When we are satisfied with our current weight or when we have gained a few pounds? Obvioulsy, gaining a few pounds is a much greater motivator to begin a diet and exercise program than having a weight and fitness level we are happy with.  Also, when are most motivated to vote ineffective and unethical politicians out of office? When we experience the effects of their terrible policies in our everyday lives. Not a moment sooner.

Although I am now lucky enough to experience a much greater presence of Made In USA clothing in Miami than I did in New York, my peers and loved ones in New York and others across the country are not as lucky as I am.  They continue to be surrounded by mountains of cheap, poorly made clothing not carrying the Made In USA label.  And so my mission continues…….


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