June 16, 2010

I have not updated this blog in a long time.  My reasons are many and varied but the lack of action towards this, my first blog, taught me the value of upholding my word and my commitments.  When one makes a commitment, it is something that is seen through and upheld even when it is difficult or uncomfortable to do so.  The ideology of the value and its importance to you must find a way to overcome the urges of the body to take a break or give up altogether.  Why? This is what makes us superior in intelligence and productivity to animals: the ability to use our minds to uphold an ideology even when our bodies do not want to.  This is the essence of a commitment: you do the commitment even when you don’t want to

So, I learned that no matter how little free time I make for myself or the level of lethargy that I am experiencing, I will commit to updating this blog every other week.  Why? Because the value of this blog is to educate and inspire and that starts with me.  Therefore, I will continue to update my blog so my readers can continue receiving my mission even on days I am too tired from a long but wonderful work week.


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