Don’t buy Cheap.  Buy Made In USA.

In my last entry, I delved into all the possible reasons for the decline of Made in USA products.  Since I am an optimist by heart, this week I will explore a possible solution to the problem.

First and foremost, if the Made in USA brand is to have a magnificent comeback, it must first be recognized as a brand to take great pride in.  Too often, I’ve heard negative  sentiments expressed towards those who proudly demonstrated their love for our great country.  To extol the value of clothes and products made in the USA does not advocate racism or disdain for other countries.  We Americans have many reasons to be proud of our accomplishments and the quality of our products.  Daily, I witness the evidence of the superiority of our products in my own closet.  Clothes I bought well over 10 years ago from Macys and other high end department stores which carried the magnificent Made In USA label still look as fantastic as they did when I first bought them.  The colors never faded despite many washes.  The shape of each outfit continues to hug my slim yet curvy figure as well as it did the first time I brought them home.  The same can be said of my collection of Made In USA t shirts, skirts and other items of clothing carrying this wonderful brand.  In contrast, clothes that I also bought at Macys and other high end department stores which carried the Made In China label have deteriorated, lost their shape and their once vibrant colors have long since faded with each wash.  Clearly, clothes bearing this label are not made to last and are of a much poorer quality than those carrying the proud Made In USA brand.

So, this is the first step.  For purely selfish and aesthetic reasons as wanting an expensive outfit to last many seasons, we should buy clothes made in the USA.  In these tough economic times, it only makes sense to buy clothes that will last.  Hence, we only need to buy essential clothing pieces just once in a season with full confidence it will look great next year and next season.  We will save our hard earned money this way.  This interests all of us during these challenging times. We Latins have a saying in Spanish, “el que compre barato, compre cada rato”.  It means “he who buys cheaply will be buying all the time ‘.  I implore you all not to buy cheap.  Buy Made In USA.


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